Cure Insomnia

How to Cure Insomnia without Prescription Drugs

audio meditationIf you are one of the millions of people who suffer from insomnia, you may have tried an over the counter sleep aid that has left you feeling groggy the next morning or given you nightmares. In addition, many of these are habit forming – addictive and that is something no one needs.

The following are a number of non-prescription based alternatives which don’t have any of the side effects of prescription drugs and should be seriously considered to assist you in getting a good night’s sleep. you can use a natural remedy like Somnapure which is very safe and useful for treating sleep problems.

Audio Sleep Aids

There is a process called brainwave entertainment which helps people who suffer from insomnia fall asleep and stay asleep without the use of drugs. The sleepless person places headphones over their ears so that different two auditory streams are sent to the listener, one in the right ear and one in the left ear. This is a binaural effect which allows a person to change their mental state through manipulation. In other words, throughout the day and individual experience in several states of consciousness, in order to fall asleep a person goes from the waking state – Beta state – through the Alpha and Theta states to the sleep state. The brainwave entertainment allows an individual to access any of these states at will. Many people swear by this brainwave entertainment as an all natural way to fall asleep and maintain sleep throughout the night.

Herbal Melatonin Sleep Aids

Our bodies use a series of circadian rhythms (sleep cycles) through the secretion of Melatonin, a natural hormone found in our bodies. During the nighttime and darkness, our bodies convert serotonin in preparation for sleep. Many people must supplement their Melatonin production helps them fall asleep sooner, allowing them to sleep longer and more soundly throughout the night. Studies have shown Melatonin works very well for people going through adjustments in their sleep schedules, such as night workers, family changes or travel. Also like melatonin there is another natural sleep remedy is very beneficial to treat the sleep problems, that is Somnapure, it is formalized which natural ingredients which helps you to fall asleep. It is available in the shape of supplement and packed in bottles.

Another often widely used natural method of relief for insomniacs is to use herbal supplements. Valerian (Valerian Officinal is) used for occasional or temporary insomnia, is a very effective herbal supplement found in health food stores across the country. Much research has been completed using Valerian and it is thought to be able to adjust the neurotransmitters GABA which is what assists people in falling asleep. This natural herb supplement does not seem to impair a user’s ability to function or produce morning time grogginess; however it should be only taken at night when the individual is trying to fall asleep. As with the case with many herbal supplements, it may take up to a week to reach its full potential in helping an individual fall asleep and stay asleep.

music aidLifestyle changes may be the hardest thing to implement in the beginning to get a good night sleep, however if an individual is opposed to taking any type of herbal supplement or medication, this would be the route to go. Job and meditation are the easiest to implement into one’s lifestyle with the system of stretches and breathing exercises in addition to focusing your mental mind on one thought, one object or one period of time.

Given the amount of so called treatments available you should also spend time reading through the Sleep of the articles on this site. For example check out our article on Insomnia Treatments for additional options on sleeping aids that have already helped 1,000’s of sufferers just like you. And just like i found some favorable reviews of a natural supplement which is also help many people that i also mentioned above, its called Somnapure. Due to the natural remedy and fine formulation with natural items this supplement takes a good part in the life many users who are suffering from sleep disorders.

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